Refugee Hospitality

Caring Friends is an adjunct partner with PAIR, an initiative with Rice University and University of Houston collegians who demonstrate a welcoming hospitality by mentoring refugee youth in their educational pursuits.


  • “Empowering Refugee Youth to Succeed” in the educational environment of higher education of the US.

Refugee Students and Awards

$3500 annually provides special awards  (1) to collegiate mentors who have demonstrated extraordinary, sacrificial volunteer work among refugee youth, and (2) to outstanding refugee students who have demonstrated hard work and commitment to the refugee mentoring program in exemplary fashion among their refugee community.

$3500. Designated donor contributions facilitates incentivizing awards for very committed, industrious, and attentive collegians and refugee students.

Sustainability: Refugee students and those who mentor them are “Leading The Way,” making our world a more collegial, collaborative place to live and work.




raised of a $3,500.00 goal


Give today …  and change someone’s tomorrow!