At Risk Children: Reading and Character Based Programs

Caring Friends offers (1) Best Reader/Most Improved Reader awards to 200+ children in different elementary schools, and (2) we support character based mentoring and award programs in after school apartment ministries.


  • A hand up to an at risk child.

Houston: The At Risk Child: when English is a second language and/or your parents do not speak or read English fluently, it is easy to be grade levels behind in reading…If you grow up in a single family home and the parent is working two jobs or in constant financial or emotional crisis, it is easy to lose the parenting time needed to promote reading in the home.

School Reading Awards. In 2013-2014 Caring Friends continues a Best Reader/Most Improved Reader program in six schools in Houston. Each Best Reader and Most Improved Reader in each classroom is given a book of their choice from a Scholastic Book List.

In Schools and After School Apartment Ministries: Character Based Awards

With a focus on character based instruction and mentoring, awards are given to students for best attitudes, best essays and best efforts. Caring Friends is an adjunct partner with Urban Outreach Inc.

Donations: A $10 book for a Best Reader/Most Improved Reader, a $10 or $25 gift card for a character based essay contest winner, or a $1000 to help underwrite staff and supplies for an after school ministry. Great ways to help at risk children reach their potential as children of God.




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Haiti: Scholarships for Elementary Students

In Haiti students in public or private schools pay tuition or they do not go to school. In many villages 50% of the children cannot go to school due to costs.

Donations: $125/year gives an educational, hand up scholarship to an a poverty stricken at risk child.

Sustainability: When an at risk student works at improving their reading skills, wants to develop their inner character qualities and wants to take advantage of other growth opportunities, that student is on the way to both having more choices and making better choices for the rest of their life.




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