Harvey Hurricane Focus: Receiving and Getting Donations To Right Sites

To support good stewardship of donated resources, Caring Friends has monitored, and is monitoring, on site visits to more than a dozen relief distribution sites to determine what has been received…and equally important…what is now needed at those sites.
Some official shelters opened 5 days ago are now closed.
Other sites, normally at the center of their community or neighborhoods, are flooded and incapacitated.
Still others have over supply of diapers but no formula, or vice versa.
Churches only blocks apart are sharing valuable community  resources.
Having worked collegially and collaboratively in Houston urban ministry for 35 years, efficiency and effectiveness of donated resources are primary goals for Caring Friends Inc.
All donations go 100% to specific sites that need specific items.
Donations welcome…send to
Caring Friends
4024 Lanark Lane
Houston, Tx. 77025
Or online at:
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