Equipping Houston Collegians: Grants, Non Profits, and Internships

A recent Caring Friends, Inc. initiative seeks to link talented collegians
with a need for financial aid to a non profit whose mission benefits from
collegiate volunteers and internships.

In 2015-2016 Caring Friends is consulting with local Houston universities to
identify gifted collegians who have strong motivations to work 10 hours a
week in a non-profit resale shop, an emergency service center, an at risk
charter school, a job training program, or an after school apartment

Whether by grant or work-study or scholarship, students interested in
financial aid will benefit while serving and learning in a local non profit.

The following qualifications are important in order to be interviewed:
collegians with a B average or better in math or english; bilingual or
Spanish major collegians; students with a non profit vocational career path.

Interested collegians contact John at john@caringfriendsindeed.org

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