The challenges, struggles, and accomplishments of famed educator Booker T. Washington continue to inspire middle school urban youth in 2015.

A Houston middle school girl studied his life and wrote this in a Booker T. Washington essay contest:

“In my own personal life I’ve had my own struggles…in no way they compare to being born a slave…but there have been things that have set me back…I didn’t have the best start in life…a rocky home life…I need to have perseverance. If I keep in mind that Booker T. rose above…then I know that I can too.”

Booker T. Washington is arguably one of the greatest American educators in the history of the United States. Coming from abject poverty, he was the founder of Tuskegee Institute, creating an amazing, holistic educational experience that has produced thousands of graduates across multiple academic disciplines.

Born a slave, at age 9 Booker T. Washington begged his father to let him work in salt/coal mines from 4am-9am and/or from 4pm-9pm so he could go to school during the day.

To go to a good academic high school that welcomed ex-slaves, Booker T. Washington walked over 200 miles to get to the Hampton Institute.

Caring Friends, Inc. is a sponsor of Booker T. Washington essay contests among Houston’s urban youth, encouraging students to learn from and be inspired by the Booker T. Way!

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